Entering Lowes Credit Card Charges

  1. Go to Banking
  2. Enter Credit Card Charges
    1. Credit Card: 10190 American Express Lowes Credit Card
    2. Purchased From: is the name of the vendor that is on the credit card bill splits
    3. Date: is the date of purchase from the bill
    4. Reference Number: Leave Blank
    5. Amount: Type in the amount of the purchase from the bill
    6. Account: is either
      1. 53000 Repairs and Maintenance or
      2. If it is a capital improvement use Buildings and Depreciateable Asset and scroll down to the particular property
    7. Class: Make sure you type in the property class. (This lets you know which money was used on which property. It is very important, You can also use EIG O/H or TEC O/H if the expense is overhead and not for one particular property.
    8. Click Save and new
    9. Repeat steps 2-8 until all the transactions are entered in QB.
    10. After all the purchases are in go to the next month’s statement and record all the returns (credits) the same way you did above except click the credit’s box instead of purchases.
    11. **Shortcut** Note that if it prompts you to type in the credit card at the top each time, X out and go back to Banking then Enter Credit Card Charges to avoid extra keystrokes.