Leasing Checklist & Instructions

Leasing Checklist



Leasing Agent:


Forms to include

  • Security Deposit Agreement if securing it before they move in.
  • Lease 2 copies in paper or dotloop
  • ACH Form
  • Water tenant billing agreement
  • Move in/Move out inspection form
  • Lead Form if before 1978


  1. Walk through house with resident and fill out move in/out checklist. Note any remaining maintenance items
  2. Sign lease, 2 copies. or use Dotloop through email
  3. Get secured funds from tenant.
  4. Get Meter Readings
    1. Water reading       Inside ________________     Outside: ____________________
    2. Electric Meter Reading: ______________
    3. Gas reading _______________________
  5. Show Tenant how to turn on water.
  6. Fill out Water form, include inside and outside meter readings
  7. Check smoke alarms to see if they are operational and minimum 1 per level. Put in batteries if necessary bring 9V batteries.
  8. Pick up sign from front yard.
  9. Take lockbox off of front door and give keys to tenant.