Collection Leters

Printing out Collection Letters from Quickbooks


  1. Go to Company
  2. Click Prepare Letters with Envelopes
    1. Click Active
    2. Job
    3. 1 day or more
    4. Click Next
  3. Screen may say There are unapplied payments or Credits. Click OK
  4. If you are sending Late letters keep all Marked or
  5. If you are printing them out for evictions click Unmark All
    1. Mark the ones you want to send for eviction notices
    2. Click Next
  6. Scroll down to Medium Letter Document (or appropriate name of letter based on time of collection)
  7. Fill in Name, Title, Click Next
  8. Letters should pop up on screen or it may be minimized at bottom
  9. IMPORTANT: Click Select all and change all fonts to 12 because some are too small and must be fixed.
  10. Scroll down and Review letters for accuracy
  11. Print out.
  12. Print out another copy on recycled paper for the files.
  13. If mailing put in window envelopes
  14. Put on return address labels and stamps and put on mail ASAP.
  15. Put copies in Files.