Late Fees

How to add Late Fees


  1. On Home Page Click Create Invoices icon
  2. Customer:Job
    1. Click on name of Tenant
  3. Class:
    1. Property ID
  4. Account:
    1. Accounts Recievable
  5. Date:
    1. 6th of the month that the payment was late
  6. Item
    1. Late Fee
  7. Save and Close


Late Fee Policies:

  1. Rents are due by the 5th, Every rent that is not paid by the 5th gets a $50 late fee dated the 6th.
  2. The exception is people who pay to Union Bank using ACH, BUT if the ACH bounces they are charged a $35 bounced check fee and the $50 Late fee.
  3. If they owe a back balance they are charged a late fee on the overdue balance unless they are on an ACH payment plan. (If the payment plan deposits bounce they are charged a $35 bounced check fee and $50 Late fee. See #2)
  4. If they call the office to beg off the late fee Vera may waive it once per 12 month period.