Deposit Checks Remotely

Benchmark Bank Remote Deposit

  1. Separate TEC & EIG Checks
  2. On Desktop Click on Internet Explorer Icon that says Goldleaf ACH
  3. User Name: ***********
  4. Click Login
  5. Sometimes there are security questions
  6. Password:   **************
  7. Click on account
    1. EIG Checking or
    2. TEC Checking
  8. Click on Scan
  9. If it asks: Please Select Scanner Type, Click the first one. (or read the type on the scanner)
  10. Click: Begin Scanning Checks
  11. It says “scanner ready please insert check”
  12. Insert check into the slot in the machine. The written part faces you with the numbers at the bottom.
  13. Type in amount if it does not show up automatically (it is usually blank on money orders.)
  14. Individual: Type in the Property address
  15. Custom Field 1: Type in the Tenant’s Name(s)
  16. Click Save and Return to List
  17. Click Display Today
  18. Click select all
  19. Click submit
  20. Click Continue to Submit for Verification
  21. Click Review
  22. Click Verify Transactions
  23. Click Verify All
  24. It will ask you “are you sure you want to verify transactions?” Click OK
  25. Go to Report Manager.
  26. Double click the second row from the top. “Remote Deposit Transaction Submission Report (EIG Checking)” or (TEC Checking)
  27. Print out report, Click printer icon at bottom or right click to print
  28. Scan in each check individually and print out individual report. This makes reconciling much easier.
  29. Click Home to deposit checks in another account and go to step 8
  30. File check and deposit slip in the tenant’s folder
  31. You are Done, Yeah!!