Input New Tenant

New Tenant


  1. QB
  2. Customer Center
  3. Scroll down Property Address
  4. Right Click on Address
  5. Add Job
  6. Job Name: Tenants Name
    1. Unmarried: First Last, First2 Last2
    2. Married: First & First2 Last
    3. Single: First Last
  7. Customer: ALREADY FILLED IN
  8. Company:  Type in the full street address with city state and zip. This is how it will print out on the lease.
  9. Mr.& Mrs.: Leave blank
  10. First Name (Nick Name)
    1. Single:   First
    2. Married:First & First2
  11. Last Name: leave blank
  12. Contact: First Last of 1st person
  13. Phone:
  14. Fax; blank unless they have 3rd phone#
  15. Alt Phone; 2nd phone#
  16. Alt Contact; First2 & Last   2nd person
  17.                    (get phone #5 off
  18.                    rental Ap)
  19. Bill To: First Last
  20.                Married; First 1 First 2   Last
  21. Ship To: Eviction
  22. Check mark in the Box: Default Shipping Address
  23. Additional Info:
  24. Customer Type
  25. Preferred Send Method: Mail or None
  26. Water Acct#:   Fill it in   or Tenant Pays
  27. Water Company: Columbus Aqua, etc.
  28. Deposit/ Down: Put amount   Fill in From Lease
  29. Payment Info: Leave Whole Screen Blank
  30. Job Info
    1. Job Status: Awarded
    2. State Date: Lease Start Date
    3. Projected End: Lease End Date
    4. End Date: Leave Blank
    5. Job Desc: Leave Blank
    6. Job Type: Leave Blank
  31. Click save

Print Labels for new tenants