Switch Water into Tenant’s Name

Where we live if they tenants do not pay their water bill the water company make the Landlord pay it. Tenants know this so a lot of them stick you with a big water bill when they move out. The water company will not put the water in the new tenants name until I pay the old tenants water bill. This sucks but that is how it is here. You have to get the tenants to sign a form to get the water company to send them the bill. This is how I do it.

  1. Company
  2. Prepare letters w envelopes
  3. Customer letters
  4. Unmark all
  5. Check the names of those tenants you want to send the letters to
  6. Tic letter templates available for customers jobs
  7. Select template Water Switch Over TEC EIG
  8. Screen says “Enter Name and Title” leave this blank and click next
  9. Computer says “Creating letters please wait”
  10. A Word icon pops up at the bottom of the screen. Click on this to bring up the merged letters you just created
  11. Scroll down and check letters for any errors
  12. Print out letters
  13. In Envelope include:
    1. Letter
    2. Tenant Direct Billing Agreement
    3. Self addresses stamped envelope sized #9
  14. Seal & stamp envelopes and mail