Billing Tenants for Water

The first thing to do it to  pay all the water bills to the water company.

Then you must type the payments into quickbooks.

The next thing to do is to go to the water company web site and double check which water bills have been paid.

  1. Sort already paid water bills in alphabetical order by property address
  2. Copy the water bills on “clean-on-both-sides” paper
  3. Go to water payment history web site
    1. Type in account number from water bill without dash
    2. Check to see if it is the correct address and owner
    3. To print water payment history
      1. right click mouse to bring up print menu & select print preview
      2. change shrink to fit to 80%
      3. click page 2 arrow at the bottom of the page to check no payment history has gone on to page 2
      4. click printer icon at the top right of the page.
      5. check radio box to print only 1 page
      6. select correct printer
      7. click preferences and change color to black and white to save toner
      8. insert recycled paper with one-side-clean into manual feed of printer with clean side up to conserve trees
      9. select print
      10. click the back button and repeat for all water bills you are doing today


Create invoices for water bills for tenants

  1. Go to Customer center
  2. Scroll down and click on customer to see all transactions
  3. Look in the memo section of the transactions to see the previous invoices. Double check these with the water billing history printouts to make sure no invoices were missed.
  4. Double click on the most recent water invoice to open it up.
  5. Go to the top of the screen to click Edit
  6. Scroll down and click Duplicate Invoice
  7. Change the following fields:
    1. Date: Use todays date
    2. Amount: Type in the new amount they owe from the water letter that you just printed out
    3. Description: Input the dates of usage and the amounts in the following format: Water 7/8/14-10/9/14 ($240.06-$150=$90.06) This imformation is very important for bookkeeping
    4. Copy the description into the bottom memo field. This is important so it shows up on the transaction list.
    5. Click Save and Close
  8. Write billed and invoiced and the date on the original water bill
  9. Set letter aside to be mailed
  10. Put original water bill in letter tray to be filed
  11. Repeat for all water bills


The next step is to create water invoices to mail to the tenants

  1. Company
  2. Prepare letters w envelopes
  3. Customer letters
  4. Unmark all
  5. Check the names of those tenants you want to send the bills to
  6. Tic letter templates available for customers jobs
  7. screen says “Enter Name and Title” leave this blank and click next
  8. Computer says “Creating letters please wait”
  9. A Word icon pops up at the bottom of the screen. Click on this to bring up the merged letters you just created
  10. Scroll down and check letters for any errors
  11. Put previously copied water bills in order of letters in Word document
  12. Print letters on the other side of the previously copied water bills
  13. Take out the letters that have a credit balance and set aside for later
  14. Create invoices for tenants in QB before you mail the letters