To Do 2

Here is a list of everything that needs to be done to run a Real Estate Property Management Office and Brokerage

To-Do list for office administrator

  1. Go by mailbox to get mail
  2. Separate mail into bills and checks
  3. Check phone messages and return phone calls
    1. Write up work orders for repairs and maintenance
    2. Describe properties and schedule showings
    3. Go over statements
    4. Turn utilities on and off
  4. Check and return emails from prospects and set up showings
  5. Scan in checks
  6. Check bank for deposits and print out
  7. Type checks and bank deposits into Quickbooks
  8. Add late fees
  9. Print out and mail statements
  10. Call tenants who are late
  11. Prepare eviction notices and send to courier
  12. Pay Bills
  13. Type receipts in Quickbooks
  14. File everything

To-Do List as Needed

  1. Run credit checks on applicants
  2. Check Paypal or deposits
  3. Send out deposit slips
  4. New Tenants in Quickbooks
  5. Old tenants out of Quickbooks
    1. Calculate how much they owe
      1. back rent
      2. water
      3. damages
    2. Send totals to collection agency
    3. If they do not owe, mail full or partial deposit back

Leasing Agent Tasks

  1. Put properties on Cragis List
  2. Answer prospects calls on cell phone
  3. Return calls as soon as possible so good leads do not get cold.
  4. Schedule Showings
  5. Show properties
  6. Accept applications
  7. Have prospect submit income information
  8. Run credit checks with landlord and employer phone calls from FABCO
  9. Decide who is the best applicant
  10. Type up lease using Quickbooks
  11. Meet Tenant for lease signing and go over lease
  12. Do walk though inspection and fill out form
  13. Create new folder
  14. Type new tenant info into Quickbooks

Other To-Do’s

  1. Order Checks
  2. Labels for file folders
  3. Properties on and off the MLS
  4. Update Web site
  5. Reconcile checking accounts