Reconciling Lowes Credit Card Account

Reconciling Lowes Credit Card Account

  1. Look on the Statement for the Closing Date. This is not the same as the payment due date.
  2. In QuickBooks go to Banking –> Reconcile.
  3. Select the correct Credit Card Account
  4. Type the closing date from the statement into the box that says Statement Date.
  5. Type a zero in the ending balance. (this assumes you pay off the full balance each month.)
  6. (Hide the transactions after statement’s end) optional
  7. Check off the returns at the top of the statement that have not been checked in the previous reconciliation.
  8. Check off all the transactions that are on the statement.
  9. (Unhide the transactions after statment’s end) optional
  10. Look at the next month’s statement and check the payment amount of the check you have written to pay the bill.
  11. Look for returns on the next months statement and check all the returns that were prior to the closing date of the current statement.
  12. The difference in the cleared balance should be back to zero. When it is, click reconcile now. Then you are done for this month.
  13. Repeat for all the other months.