Updating Properties on Website

Updating Website / Putting in Properties

  1. Go to www.austenestates.com/wp-admin
    1. Username:*******
    2. Password: *****

3.  At dashboard
All Pages                   >       Welcome     >       Edit

Break link icon (Use this so property address is not linked to map)
Delete extra space between lines in HTML

  1. To link to map:
  2. Click new tap at top.
  3. Copy address.
  4. Click in Yahoo maps page.
    d. Insert address.
    e. Copy Yahoo URL address of property map.
    f. Click on edit page and select (highlight address).
    g. Click link
    h. Put in URL
    9. Click add link.
  5. Save by clicking Update button.
    11. To double check, go to top and View Page


To line up photo: left click on photo and select alignment.

To post new photos:
Go to media                   >       Ad new
Select Drive                   >       Select Photos (Highlight Files)