Move Out Procedure

  1. Get move out sheet and create invoice for all amounts charged to tenants
  2. Invoice Tenant for all the months until the new tenant moves in if they have broken their lease.
  3. They are not eligible for their security deposit refund if they did not give 30 days notice before the start of the previous month.
  4. Issue a credit memo for the security deposit. Check in the chart of accounts that security deposit account is zeroed out
  5. Call water company to get final bill for water. This is important. Water is billed 3 months in arrears and we need to bill them for the last 3 months. Ask for meter reading.
  6. Zero out water account. Issue a credit or invoice. Check dates to make sure the bill goes to the move out date.
  7. Print customer statement and send to collection agencies
  8. Remove memorized transaction.
  9. Make customer inactive.